For Valentine’s Day, Treat Your Girl to a Lap Dance

Let me share this enticing email from Rick’s Cabaret New York Girl Jessica, an adorable 21-year-old:

Dear Rio Joe:

I’m sending you these naughty photos of me to get you in the mood for Valentine’s Day. I love everything about Valentine’s Day. Especially the color red. Red lingerie makes me feel so sexy.

New York’s #1 gentlemen’s club does Valentine’s Day one better by celebrating “Sweetheart’s Week,” with drink specials and enough gorgeous eye candy to fill Rick’s Cabaret’s neighbor the Empire State Building.

“I hope you’ll come to the club to party with us,” adds Jessica. “I love dancing here. I’ve met everyone from famous athletes to rich Wall Street guys. But what I really want to do for Valentine’s Day is dance for you and your girlfriend.”

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Jessica shake her moneymaker for other gals. If she turns my girl on the way she lights up those women, we’re in for one hell of a night!


If I were a restaurant owner, I might cut back a bit on Coca-Cola and stock some Guaraná. That’s the favorite soft drink in Brazil, whose tourists, propelled by the emerging giant’s roaring economy, have been spending money like, well, Americans all over the world in recent years, but especially in the U.S. Brazilians are estimated to drop almost $45 million a day while abroad; and in 2010, 1.2 million of them (the fifth largest number from any country) visited the U.S. and pumped $6 billion into the economy. And they buy more than Mickey Mouse ears: Brazilians are currently purchasing almost a tenth of the houses and apartments being sold in the Miami area.

So it would make sense for the U.S., whose economy hasn’t roared in years, to roll out a redder carpet for os Brasileiros, whose applications for nonimmigrant U.S. visas have increased 234% in the…

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