Ecotourism: What you should know about going green and responsible travel

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Travel is costly.

Booking flights and hotels, buying supplies at your destination for the duration of your stay, eating at various restaurants and eateries, and going out to explore and do fun activities can burn a hole in your wallet in a matter of days.

What you might not realize, however, is what your travel might cost to your destination.

This isn’t a monetary cost—the tourism industry has earned over US$ 1 trillion worldwide in 2016.

Rather, the costs of travel are environmental, and aren’t often noticeable to the individual.

When you consider that according to UNWTO, over 1 billion people traveled internationally in 2016, however, the environmental costs add up.

What does traveling cost (in environmental terms)?

As I said earlier, the environmental impact of traveling is difficult to conceive of to an individual, but they exist and are easily compounded.


The most common issue…

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