Top Ten Ways To Decorate Your RV (or tiny home) For Christmas!

Hebard's Travels

I’d be willing to bet many fulltimers like us, also enjoy decorating for the holiday. There are many ways to accomplish this whether you want to go overboard and win the Christmas decorations of the year, or just want to add simple class to your holiday spirit. Many of the items can be found in homes but here are the light weight, rv versions!

  1. LED Strip Lightingtransportation-auto-wp-rgb-strip These come with an adhesive back to be mounted to the RV. Usually they are installed in an area under the rv. They can be wired in, but if you are wanting them to be more temporary for the holiday we suggest plugging them in an external outlet. These have a remote to change the colors, you can use multiples to have different colors or put on a light show.
  2. String Lightsrvl These are the classic lights we grew up with…

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