The 101 Best Songs of 2016 | SPIN

When the history books are written, music will probably not be the first thing anyone remembers about 2016. Nevertheless, the music was excellent—memorable and meaningful enough to grant us aesthetic reprieve from a world tilting more toward chaos. In the music we loved, we found unrestrained glee, soul-stirring explorations of love, reminders to stick close to our friends, awed encounters with death, slinky erotic chronicles, muted longings for people and places far from us. There were crowd pleasers, club-shaking bangers, best American boys and girls, too many text threads to keep track of, fancy cars that looked like you-know-whats, and at least one full-throated repudiation of the president-elect. There was a lot to love. Here are our favorite songs of the year—the ones that got us through it all. 101. Calvin Harris, “This Is What You Came For” ft. Rihanna Calvin Harris’ ability to translate trends from the dance music underground to the pop overground palate is a continuous

Source: The 101 Best Songs of 2016 | SPIN

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