Rick’s Cabaret Celebrates 20th Anniversary On Nasdaq With Five-Star Party

Rick’s Cabaret New York is world famous, not only for its stunning exotic dancers and upscale ambiance, but for its professionalism and skillful management. When a company’s this well run, it’s no surprise that it’s admired on Wall Street. This week, Rick’s Cabaret’s parent company, RCI Hospitality Holdings, celebrated 20 years as a publicly traded stock on Nasdaq. It’s also the nation’s only chain of gentlemen’s clubs that’s publicly traded.

I had the great fortune of attending the amazing party that Rick’s Cabaret threw to mark the anniversary. I was part of an overflowing crowd that feasted on mouth-watering caviar canapes and French pastries prepared by the club’s award winning Chef Franklin Edwards, washing it down with just the right amount of first-class champagne. In addition to throngs of gorgeous women and well-wishers that included famous athletes and celebrities, the company’s dynamic CEO, Eric Langan, was there. Earlier in the day, Nasdaq honored the company by having Eric ring the closing bell.

“I got to take a photo with our CEO,” purred Rick’s Cabaret New York Girl Fallon, a gorgeous blonde who’d make any photo sparkle. “I think of him like a modern day Hugh Hefner. He’s going to revolutionize the nightclub business.”

That revolution’s well underway. In the past two decades, RCI Hospitality Holdings has mushroomed into a company with 46 establishments across the nation. (In New York City, it has another one of my favorite places, Vivid Cabaret, which everyone should visit.) But enough business for today. Enjoy these photos and have an awesome weekend!

Ricks logo

CEO Eric Langan- CEO Eric Langan

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