What happens when you mix super sexy lingerie from designer Rene’ Rofe’ with the gorgeous Rick’s Cabaret New York Girls? Sheer combustion, my friends. Enough heat to melt the ice caps.

That was the atmosphere at the Rick’s Cabaret New York Lingerie Fashion Show, when a bevy of beautiful performers strutted their stuff for a packed house at the upscale gentlemen’s club in Midtown Manhattan.

A well dressed crowd of Wall Street types and fashion executives on the club’s three floors cheered on the Rick’s Cabaret Girls working the runway. Of course, unlike other fashion shows, attendees got to see the models both in their clothes and out of them.

“We love wearing pretty clothes, and the lingerie from Rene’ Rofe’ is so naughty,” cooed Rick’s Cabaret Girl Yasmin. “I love the way it feels on my body. And I love the way it feels taking it off.”

After the show was over, I sat down with one of the models, a sultry little stunner named Shay, for a bite to eat in the club’s gourmet steakhouse.

“It was so much fun,” purred Shay. “The Wall Street guys went crazy for the lingerie. I think we gave them lots of hot gift ideas for their girlfriends.”

Not just Wall Street guys! Later that night I logged onto the Rene’ Rofe’ website ( and purchased a satin and mesh teddy for my girlfriend that I’d seen modeled by one of the dancers. I can’t wait for the next show!




*** Over 100 Showgirls Daily

*** Three Floors of Luxury

*** VIP Private Suites, Deluxe Sky Boxes

*** Full Menu Steakhouse Open Late

*** Roof Deck Cigar Lounge and Garden

*** Businessmen’s Lunch Special

*** New Tapas Menu in Cabaret by Chef Jose “Joey” Lopez

*** Weekend Brunch 


photos courtesy of Rick’s Cabaret

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