Ring In New Year With Rick’s Cabaret New York Girls

Upscale gentlemen’s club Rick’s Cabaret New York, known for its beautiful exotic dancers, gourmet restaurant and warm hospitality, is open on New Year’s Eve. To celebrate the New Year, there is no cover charge until midnight, and there are $8 drinks until 10pm.

If you’ve been having trouble getting your girlfriend or a date to go with you to a gentlemen’s club, this might be the perfect night to pop her strip-club cherry. Many girls are secretly dying to go to a strip club and check it out, but have been too shy to do so. But who can resist ringing in the New Year in such opulent surroundings?

Of course it doesn’t hurt to remind her that Rick’s is hardly a typical strip club. This is a high-end establishment frequented by movie stars, superstar athletes, tech entrepreneurs, and Wall Street wunderkinds. It’s with good reason that Playboy.com calls Rick’s “the #1 strip club in New York City.”

“I am expecting a lot of couples to come to Rick’s that night,” said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Erica. “I love it–I love dancing for guys, and also women!”

“It’s too cold to stand outside in Times Square amid all the craziness,” she added. “I’ve done it before and I almost froze. This year you can come to Rick’s where everything is hot!”

“We’ll have the ball drop on our TVs and a champagne toast at midnight,” purred Rick’s Cabaret Girl Joanna. “What a great way to start the New Year–with a hot sexy girl on your lap–ha ha!”

Rick’s Cabaret New York

50 West 33rd Street

*** Three Floors of Luxury

*** VIP Private Suites, Deluxe Sky Boxes

*** Full Menu Steakhouse

*** Heated Roof Deck Cigar Lounge and Garden

*** Businessmen’s Lunch Special

*** Weekend Brunch

*** Awarded “#1 Strip Club in NYC” by Playboy



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